star*time classes

give your little performer a PLACE TO SHINE!

 They’re always singing, always acting, doing voices, pretending to be their favorite cartoon characters, using the hairbrush as a microphone. Give them a fun yet structured environment to let their performer flag fly! Miss Lori has over 20 years experience  giving students the opportunity to fulfill their need to perform, have fun, and interact with other kids who feel the same way. 

Classes for Grades 4-5-6

At Cheshire Voice Studio.


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In Star*Time Class, your child will do some theater games, otherwise known as IMPROV, where they’ll learn to listen to each other and use their imaginations and creativity to advance the story . We’ll also do a little singing and group movement. Performance classes are not only a great way to have fun – they also can help your child:

  • Gain social confidence
  • Learn to work with a group
  • Get up in front of a crowd
  • Think on their feet
  • Become Mindful
  • Learn cooperation and team-buidling