Lori is  a singer, actor, and producer based in Cheshire, CT (formerly from NY), with credits and extensive experience in television, radio, voice-overs, commercials, independent films, stage, industrials, improv, and comedy; as well as a composer and writer. She has been a professional voice coach for 25 years;. She is also a Certified Counseling Hypnotist, and a grandmother of two.









John Walker

” I highly recommend Ms. Lori as a voice / music teacher to any potential student, or parent, considering someone to fill this position.  

 Lori’s success is due to the passion she brings to teaching voice.   She develops an excellent rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her ability to connect with her students and inspire them is truly a superior attribute. Perhaps Patricia Neal, the Academy Award actress, said it best when she stated:

 “A master can tell you what he expects of you.   A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.”

 This is the philosophy by which Lori approaches her students. With a firm yet guiding hand she nurtures that raw talent in a manner by which they will optimize their respective abilities.   Most importantly she provides them with a “can do” attitude by instilling them with self-confidence, while ensuring that learning the technique of voice is a lot of fun.


Michael S.”

Melissa Taylor

“I have been practicing and I’m very excited to say that the break between my chest and head voice is definitely becoming more smooth and natural. …I’m very excited about my growth. I am opening up in the head voice arena beautifully!  It’s great how after 2 lessons I can feel the change, after I do the warmups and I sing a song I feel the difference in the quality of sound and naturality in it all!

Your dedicated student,